The Sinner’s Dream (alcohol induced)


As we approach another winter that promises polar vortex induced temperatures, I decided to build my tracklist around everyones favorite indoor Winter activity: slurpin’ hooch. As a way to warm appendages or simply pass the boring days inside, drinking booze has long been a fireside staple in the coldest of months. I couldn’t help but seek out tunes from rock’s earliest days, when a good many artists celebrated the hedonism of the drunken party. Taking it one step further, I grafted illusions to W.C. Fields 1933 parody short masterpiece, A Fatal Glass of Beer, Fields’ hilarious recounting of a wayward son returning to the Yukon after being in prison due to a crime committed under the influence of the titular ‘fatal glass of beer’ (a song sung in the film contains the lines, “He promised his Ma and Pa he would lead a sinless life, And always shun the fatal curse of drink”).

I hope you enjoy my tale of downward drunken spiral (complete with hallucinatory blackout fever dream at the mix’s climax) that ends with a touch of optimistic reconciliation for our stumbling fool. But never fear—he’ll never kick the stuff cold turkey.



(if you like music of this type, please consider a complete tracklist length of songs that unfortunately fell to the cutting room floor during creation: ‘The Blackout Song’ by Nervous Norvus, ‘Aint Gonna Wash for a Week’ by Eddie Hodges, ‘Wine Wine Wine’ by the Nightcaps, ‘Kickapoo Joy Juice’ by the Rivingtons, ‘High Flying Wine’ by Inflammable Dan with the Igniters, ‘Drinking Wine Spo Dee O Dee’ by Johnny Burnette Trio, ‘Wild’ by the Gentrys (manic excitement this one), ‘Nasty Dog (Part Two)’ by Nasty Dog Catchers, ‘Alcohol (Pt. 1)’ by Robert Jay, and finally, the track that inspired the entire idea at the start but some how just didn’t feel right in, the brilliant ‘I Got Loaded’ by Lil’ Bob & the Lollipops)

(October’s Horror mix can be found here)

One thought on “The Sinner’s Dream (alcohol induced)

  1. I actually DO love music like this, even that atmospheric opening! Jazzy bliss. Thinking too of the Kinks here and that demon alcohol. The Fields is an inspired choice of course.

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