Allan Fish Online Film Festival 2017

Today, Thursday, May 11th Wonders in the Dark will be hosting a 16 day Allan Fish Online Film Festival (Allan Fish OFF), of which I am a part of. The rules are simple; each day will see a new chairman host the festivities and select a film that is available to be watched by anyone, online for free from a popular streaming site (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc.). The host for that day will decide how the film they chose will be presented; an essay, a sparse teaser introduction, or ‘other’ (the creativity seen on the blogosphere for film commentary knows no bounds as we all know). Thus, conceivably the film festival could be nearly real; people anywhere on the globe watching the same film, at roundabout the same time. It’s named in honor of our dear friend and film scholar Allan Fish, whose birthday was May 11th, and will be an annual event from this day forward. He found so many of his treasured Obscuro’s doing just what we’re setting out to do with this Festival, so it seemed the most fitting way to remember him. More information on the festival can be found here, with the first post here.

I am chairmen for the first day, and I created the overall look and feel for the Festivals graphics, which I’m using this post to display in total.

About the poster (which sits at the top of the post), and other materials: 
The central image for Allan Fish OFF 2017 are several really fun in-jokes: there is a fish depicted (because, duh his last name was Fish), but it’s a better fish which is known to fight incessantly to the point that if you put two in a tank together they will battle until one dies (which speaks to Allan’s ruthless nature in discussing films). The tail is long and unfurling which echoes the unfurling of the film at the posters bottom. A fighting Fish floating in the black becoming actual film is a nice visual metaphor for the first, and saddest, festival.

The additional materials continue this idea, repurposing various brand elements for different sizes and needs.

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